Xeriscape Landscaping

As well as being a local innovator in hardscape and softscape landscaping, Texas Hill Country Landscaping is the leading servicer of stunning Xeriscape landscaping.

Xeriscape designs allow us to have beautiful yards while conserving water. Due to the ever-increasing water restrictions, having drought tolerant plants and low maintenance landscaping is a necessity.

The reason why xeriscapes work well in any environment is that xeriscapes use native or adapted plants that thrive in the local ecosystem without too much extra landscape maintenance care or watering. Turning your lawn into a xeriscape can help you:

  • Lower your water bill costs
  • Decrease the amount of time you spend on weekly yard work
  • Achieve a neat, clean look for your yard year around
  • Reduce the number of toxic fertilizers and pesticides you use on your property

Maintenance is an important aspect of Xeriscaping. Planting the right plant in the right place will reduce the amount of pruning you need to do, however, there will be some maintenance with a Xeriscaped yard. Prune only when necessary and avoid pruning when the weather is hot and dry.

If you are ready to turn your yard into a lush, beautiful Xeriscape then contact us today.  

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